More than 600 cuneiform tablets from Tell Leilan translated

More than 600 cuneiform tablets from Tell Leilan translated

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The Yale university has done a great job of translating and interpreting a file containinghundreds of cuneiform tablets over 4,000 years old, belonging to Tell Leilan Project, which they carry out in the Middle East, at the site of the same name, about 120 kilometers from Hasakah, in Syria.

Strategically located midway between Anatolia, Assyria and Cappadocia, was a civilization dedicated to commerce, its fort, something confirmed by the splints translated and that in turn, guide us to know it much more, although the vast majority are economic and administrative documents.

The first populations of Tell leilan, town also known as ShekhnaWe date them around 5,000 BC. and it grew as an agricultural town until it completely disappeared around 2,200 BC. It was believed that the cause had been an invasion of the Akkadian people, but the investigations did not prove a conquest, but a huge drought of the entire region, with which the population had to leave.

The importance of this city and the efforts to discover new material every day, is due to the only time it changed its name to be called Shubat Enlil, when it was conquered by the great Assyrian king Shamshi-Adad I (1813 and 1781 BC). This name means «The Residence of Enlil«, Becoming the capital of his empire.

We recommend you see the Tell Leilan project website, in which you will be able to find much more information about this great work of translation of more than 650 clay tablets written in cuneiform, which allows us to know more in depth a Mesopotamian people that often goes unnoticed by many.

Image: Zoeperkoe on Wikimedia

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