Achaemenid sewage system discovered in Persepolis

Achaemenid sewage system discovered in Persepolis

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A team of Iranian archaeologists has recently discovered 20 meters from a canal belonging to Persepolis sewer system in southern Iran.

The team, led by Ali Asadi, has been in charge of carrying out the excavations of the sewage system for discover how the system worked during the Achaemenid eraCHN's Persian service reported Tuesday.

Ruins of Persepolis

The sewage system is located in the southwest of the Achaemenid city close to the city of Shiraz. The team has dug about five meters to reach the canal, says Asadi. During the excavations a number have also been discovered of stone bas-reliefs, Add.

Asadi says that the sewage system branches out into multiple channels They extend south and then go east. Archaeological excavations that have taken place since the beginning of May will continue with channel studies.

Persepolis was built by Darius I at the end of the 6th century BC. Its ruins are located 56 kilometers northeast of Shiraz. Darius changed the capital of the Achaemenid dynasty from Pasagarda to Persepolis, in the former of which Cyrus the Great had founded the Persian Empire.

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