Dentuda SS-335 - History

Dentuda SS-335 - History

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A large shark found in temperate and subtropical waters.

(SS-335: dp. 1,626; 1. 311'9"; b. 27'3"; dr. 16'3";
s. 20 k.; cpl. 66; a. l 5", 10 21" tt.; cl. Gato)

SS - 334, originally named Capidoli, was renamed Derztuda on 24 September 1942, launched 10 September 1944 by Electric Boat Co., Groton, Conn., sponsored by Mrs. T. W. Hogan, wife of Commander Hogan; and commissioned 30 December 1944, Commander J. S. Mc-, Cain. Jr., in command.

Dentuda's shakedown was extended by two months ' of experimental duty for the Submarine Force, Atlantic Fleet. She sailed 6 April 1945 for the Pacific, arriving at Pearl Harbor 10 May. From 29 May to 29 July she conducted her first war patrol in the East China Sea and the Taiwan Straits, damaging a large freighter, | and sinking two patrol craft. Dentuda remained at Pearl Harbor until 3 January 1946 when she sailed for l the west coast. She arrived at San Francisco 6 day's later.

Assigned to JTF 1 as a test vessel for Operation "Crossroads," Dentuda returned to Pearl Harbor 14 February 1946, and on 22 May sailed for Bikini Atoll. She underwent both atomic weapons tests with her crew safely away from their submarine, and returned to Pearl Harbor 6 September. On 7 October she got underway for Mare Island Naval Shipyard, arriving 14 October. She was decommissioned 11 December 1946 and stationed in the 12th Naval District for the training of members of the Naval Reserve.

Dentuda's single war patrol was designated as "successful"; and she received one battle star for her contribution to the success of the Okinawa operation.

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